KWS BioTest’s expertise in immunology can help ensure your programme will be part of the exciting developments in the field.

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Developments in Immuno-oncology

CEO Dr Robin Brown and CSO Professor Neil Williams discuss the exciting recent developments in immuno-oncology.

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Recent clinical successes in immuno-oncology have highlighted the important role that the immune system can play in mediating the destruction of human tumours.

The complexity of the tumour microenvironment provides many prospective targets for modulation in order to make the immune system more effective against the tumour. This is an environment we understand. We have the assays and systems that will allow you to look at these targets and to examine how modifying them will impact tumour survival. In addition, we have the capabilities and knowledge to help you develop existing models and develop new ones.

Here at KWS BioTest, we use a broad range of techniques, focusing on primary human cell assays, to look at immune system targets. We have developed assays for the major cells influencing the tumour microenvironment as illustrated by the specific examples shown on this page.

In addition to being able to provide expert support for preclinical immune oncology programmes, KWS BioTest can support your clinical trials by assessing PD biomarkers and markers associated with infusion reactions or immune toxicology.

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We have validated a range of assays that enable you to assess the effects of compounds as modulators of the immune suppressive tumour microenvironment.

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Tumour Cells

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Tumour cell lines expressing TDO, and in some cases IDO, are able to metabolise tryptophan to kynurenine, thereby restricting T cell growth and activation. Novel TDO/IDO inhibitors can be tested in screening assays using appropriate cell lines. 

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Immune Cells

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Many novel drugs are designed to enhance T cell responses, and KWS BioTest has a wide range of validated assays to test this.

We work with you in order to select the most appropriate system for the target that you are working on. 

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Exhausted CD8+ T cells are relatively poor at mediating tumour cell killing. The ability of compounds to enhance killing can be assessed using Incucyte®-based killing assays. 

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In Vivo