Vaccine development

  • KWS BioTest supports vaccine research and development in both the preclinical and clinical phases of discovery.
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Our unique combination of expertise in immunology and infection studies makes KWS BioTest an ideal partner to support your vaccine research.

Examples of how we can help you with your vaccine discovery programme include:

In vivo immunogenicity studies

We help you take your novel vaccine formulations in vivo - testing their ability to stimulate T and B cell responses using different delivery routes. We provide data to help you assess the relative potencies of your different formulations by characterising and quantifying the antibodies produced and characterising the magnitude and the nature of the T-cell response.

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Spotlight assay

KWS BioTest tests the ability of your vaccine to induce specific cytotoxic T cell responses by determining the frequency of interferon-gamma producing CD8+ cells in the tissues following vaccination.

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Challenge and protection studies - the ultimate test of your vaccine

We test vaccine efficacy using a wide range of infection models and we have the capacity to develop models specific to your needs.

In vitro immune profiling

We test the ability of your novel vaccine antigens to invoke an immune response with our human and animal cell cultures. Our dedicated cell biology team use state-of-the-art methods to not only assess cell proliferation and activation, but to characterise the nature of the immune response to your antigens.

Testing your novel adjuvants and antigen delivery vectors

We look at antigen uptake by antigen presenting cells (APCs) and assess cell activation using a variety of methods including flow cytometry, cell imaging and functional assays. 

KWS BioTest supports your vaccine research in all stages of preclinical development including; in vitro immune profiling, cell biology mechanism of action studies, immunogenicity testing, challenge and protection models, and stability and safety.