Who we are

Our Management Team

Professor Neil Williams

Senior Director of Immunology

Professor Neil Williams is Senior Director for Immunology at Charles River Laboratories. He was founder and CSO of KWS BioTest Ltd., a recent Charles River acquisition, and also founder of Trident Pharmaceuticals Inc., and inventor of their novel T-regulatory cell modulating therapy. His positions have included Professor of Immunology and Research Director at the University of Bristol, and he has acted as a member of the Discovery Panel at Cancer Research Technology. He brings a huge depth of expertise in immunology and has led a range of programs aimed at the development of novel immune modulating therapies and vaccines for autoimmunity, inflammation and oncology. His expertise in drug discovery enables Charles River to act as true partners in immunology and immuno-oncology for their many clients across Europe and the rest of the world.

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William Parish

Operations Director

Will Parish has a background in biotechnology having worked at Syngenta, before training to be an Army Officer at Sandhurst. After leaving the army, he joined KWS BioTest and led Project Management within the company before taking charge of operations in 2011. He was awarded his Master of Business Administration (MBA) in 2012.

Our Business Development Team

Leann Quinn

Specialist, Discovery Services

Dr Leann Quinn started as a drug discovery pharmacologist at GSK. She transitioned into a business development role 6 years ago and has worked for a number of international CROs during this time. Lee has been working with the KWS team for four years in a consultancy role, taking up a full time job with the KWS team in January 2015. Lee’s extensive network of contacts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry has been instrumental in driving the growth of KWS. Lee is a regular at conferences and if you would like to catch up with her to discuss your requirements then please check our events page and make contact.

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Valérie Vince

Client Services

Dr Valérie Vince graduated from the University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg in 2000 with a BSc in Biological Sciences and MSC’s in both Cell Biology and Neurosciences. After undertaking her PhD in neuroimmunology at UCL Brussels, Valérie then joined Imperial College London’s team as a post doctoral researcher. Valérie joined KWS BioTest in 2008 as a Principal Scientist, before taking up the role of head of immunology. As of November 2015, Valérie has transitioned into the Business Development team at KWS to further strengthen the scientific expertise of the team. Valérie is frequently the first point of contact regarding in vivo models and pharmacology.

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Sarah Glennie

Client Services

Sarah is the most recent member of the BD team at KWS and brings immunological expertise to the team with a focus on developing immuno-therapeutics. She has worked in areas of Autoimmunity, Cancer Immunology, Infection and Immunity. With a broad range of exploratory and translational laboratory expertise, working in both industrialised and resource poor settings, Sarah is ideally placed to help our clients design their discovery programs. Before joining KWS, Dr Sarah Glennie graduated with a MSc and PhD in Immunology from Imperial College and completed clinical studies in Malawi before undertaking a research fellowship at the University of Bristol, UK.

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